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MHTE: 123654789


Gerani is situated in the north-western part of the island of Crete, only 13 kilometers from the city center of Chania.
Generally known as a quiet area, Gerani in recent years shows rapid tourism development and overall has transformed into a popular summer resort.

Gerani is able to offer its’ visitors, a quite relaxing place, but also offers many restaurants, bars and other forms of entertainment for those that want to enjoy a day or night out.

Transport to Chania is regular with a bus available every 20 minutes and the bus stop is just 50 meters from the hotel. It is also possible to use a taxi or even hire a rented car from one of several agencies to be found in the wider area of Platanias. The hotel Creta Sun offers a vast area of secure parking.

The beach in Gerani is a beautiful one. We are fortunate enough to have our hotel built right on the beach, making it an easy access to the wonderful blue waters of Crete.

The village of Platanias is only 1 kilometer away. Here you will find additional places of entertainment and dining.

Gerani Beach